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Maryam Lamei

She is a professional Miniatorist and Persian Golomorgh -Flower & Bird- painting. She has been awarded in many international festivals and art collections.



Mohammad is a visual artist and researcher who find his creation after a long time practice to follow impression and surrealism. 

Sanaz Damani

Sanaz has been graduated in Graphic Design and  Calligraphy. Using a variety of materials and calligraphy techniques makes her a professional artist. 

Shiva khalednezhad

Shiva Khalednezhad is a calligraphist who is focused on Pathoglyphics and modern conceptual abstract.

Maryam Etemad Sajjadi

Maryam is a professional calligraphist who is studying Pathoglyphics ...

Maryam Oliaee

Maryam is a visual artist based in Iran. She uses natural material for the creation of her artworks which makes her inspiration.

Bita Vakili

Bita is a professional artist who deliberately swings between abstract, surrealism, and configuration. Using ...


Yazdan Parast

Maryam is a professional Calligraphist who has a unique technique to create artworks. Her hands waving and moving on the canvas and make her dream through...

Ali Taraghijah

Ali is a master artist with international shows and exhibitions. He has been awarded by the Internation fairs and art competitions.

Yari Ostovany

Yari is an American-Iranian abstract artist. Ostovany is attracted to the alchemical transformation of elements such as light, color, texture, and space into compositions which are more than the addition of their disparate parts.

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