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Adel Alasvand

Adel ALASVAND is a visual artist who is working on conceptual abstract and callligraphy. He is also a sclupture artist ...

Mahdi Farrokhi

Mahdi FARROKHI is a miniaturist who tries to show Iranian mythology and symbols interlaced with ancient literature.

Mehdi Oveisi

Mehdi Oveisi's paintings are, as he conceives them, visualizations of philosophical and spiritual questions. Working within a range of media,...

Shiva khalednezhad

Shiva Khalednezhad is a calligraphist who is focuse on Pathoglyphics and moder conceptual abstract.

Maryam Etemad Sajjadi

Maryam is a professional calligraphist who is studing Pathoglyphics ...

Maryam Oliaee

Maryam is a visual artist based in Iran. She uses natural material for the creation of her artworks which makes her inspiration.

Bita Vakili

Bita Vakili is a professional artist who deliberately swings between abstract, surrealism, and configuration. Using ...

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