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ERAN Gallery, established in late 2017, stands out as a distinctive contemporary art gallery in North America. Its founding mission is to provide a platform for contemporary artists, aiding their recognition in the art market. This commitment extends to both emerging and established visual artists, covering a broad spectrum of media and genres. A key belief at ERAN Gallery is the power of digital space in bringing transparency and equity to the art market. The gallery equips its community with the necessary digital tools, ensuring effective presentation in this evolving landscape.

Having expanded its scope, ERAN Gallery now includes international artists, reflecting its growing influence in the global art scene. This expansion is part of the gallery's innovative approach, leveraging environmental capabilities to present a diverse range of contemporary artworks to a global audience.

ERAN Gallery is driven by the desire to foster interactions between artists and art lovers who share a passion for art and beauty. It emphasizes stabilizing the status of decorative and applied art, acknowledging its significance in the broader art world.

The gallery operates with four core objectives:

  1. Responsible Acknowledgment of Rights: Upholding the rights of both artists and art enthusiasts is paramount. This involves ensuring fair treatment and recognition for creators and providing art lovers with rightful access to artworks.

  2. Observance of Copyright: Maintaining a strict adherence to copyright laws, ERAN Gallery respects the intellectual property of artists, safeguarding their creative rights.

  3. Creating a Safe Space for Artistic Interactions: The gallery aims to be a secure and welcoming environment for artistic exchange, encouraging open dialogue and collaboration among artists and audiences.

  4. Preservation of Ethnic and National Roots: While embracing innovation, ERAN Gallery is also committed to supporting the preservation of regional ethnic and national identities. This balance between tradition and modernity allows for a rich and diverse artistic expression.

Through these efforts, ERAN Gallery aspires to enable art lovers and collectors to discover new artistic horizons. It invites its audience to embrace different cultures and find inspiration in the works of talented artists who might otherwise remain undiscovered. This approach not only enriches the individual experience of art enthusiasts but also contributes to the vibrant diversity of the contemporary art scene.


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