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Mehdi Nabavi

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Art Fair or Expo:

2018 | Art Ankara ( Portagal Cicegi sanat kolonisi ) Ankara, Turky
2017 | Parma Art Fair ( Neo Art ) Parma, Italy
2015 | Art Basel ( AB Gallery ) Basel, Switzerland
2013 | Art Dubai ( Ayyam Gallery ) UAE
2013 | Art Kuwait, Kuwait
2014 | Art Expo New York ( Mojdeh art Gallery ) the USA
2012 | Abu Dhabi Art ( Ayyam Gallery ) UAE
2011 | Beirut Art Fair ( Azad Art Gallery ) Lebanon

Solo Exhibition:

2020 | Podium Zuidhaege, Assen, Netherlands
2017 | Ariana Art Gallery, Tehran
2016 | Negah Art Gallery, Tehran
2014 | Naghshe Jahan Art Gallery, Tehran
2014 | Henna art Gallery, Tehran
2014 | Aun Art Gallery, Tehran
2012 | Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2010 | Mah Art Gallery, Tehran


Group Exhibition in Museum:

2019 | Rijks Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017 | Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, UAE
2015 | Kunst Haus Rapperswil Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
2014 | Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran
1997 | Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran

Group Exhibition:

2020 | Martini plaza, Groningen, Netherlands
2017 | Meeting Art Gallery, Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Lisbon, Portugal
2016 | Etemad Art Gallery, Tehran
2015 | National Library, Tehran
2014 | Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2014 | AB Gallery, Emmenbruke, Switzerland
2014 | Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran
2014 | Gallery Nikolas Flamel, Paris
2013 | The Best of Iranian’s Art, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran
2011| Azad Art Gallery, Tehran


Auction Houses:

2018 | Tirgan Auction, Toronto, Canada
2016 | Tehran auction, Tehran, Iran
2013 | Ayyam auction, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2013 | Christie’s, Dubai, UAE
2013 | Ayyam auction, Dubai, UAE
2012 | Ayyam auction, Dubai, UAE
2012 | Opera Gallery auction, Dubai, UAE

Artist Statement:

"Stucco, wood and mirror work were the great specialties of Iranian masonry masters. Facade and interior decoration were central to Iranian art and architecture. In Iran, the sacred architecture is majestic and precious. When you stand in front of their facades with carved mirrors, all the beauty of their traditional design changes and evolves according to the image of the person who is reflected and which you must try to identify through the scattered fragments of carved mirrors.

Architecture brings you to the introspection of oneself. Military weapons, tanks, cannons, and fighter planes also look magnificent with their abstract and robust forms. However, their function is to reduce the human body to death and to shred bodies. My idea of making "weapons covered by cut mirrors" and sublimate them to give them another dimension, preferably in full size, with a cover of hand-cut mirrors reminiscent of ancient sacred buildings.

The sacred vision of the war has been so destructive to me and to my country and the world in which I live. In fact, these works of art are the visualization of everyday events in my own life. It's unconscious, and I prefer to look backwards as I look back at my life, especially religion, to see them attractive. This discrepancy between a magnified object and the original subject of the work is simply magnificent at an average distance, and this incoherence between tenderness and beauty against danger is the same incoherence with which I live."

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