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Buying Artworks Online

Buying art made easy: Eran Gallery is an online gallery for contemporary art that allows art lovers and collectors to buy artworks in complete security from recognized and established artists. From abstract canvases, figurative paintings, drawings, and sculptures, we offer an international selection of work in a variety of styles and techniques. Eran Gallery is also helping emerging artists from the Middle East to sell their works to Canadian and American art lovers.

Why buy artworks online from Eran Gallery?

Because we carefully select artists using our rigorous guidelines: number of exhibitions, artist residencies, awards, and inclusion in public and private collections. We make the whole experience easy by taking care of the delivery, the packaging, etc.
ERAN Gallery believes that the digital world is an incredible tool for buying art, spreading beauty and art all around the world, and allowing people to purchase pieces that they love, whether it is by an emerging artist or a more established contemporary artist.

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About Auctioning and Auctions‏

Art has become more accessible recently, with pieces available through galleries, fairs, advisory services, online platforms, and auctions. Art auctions are a popular, competitive way to buy art, comprising about 20% of annual art sales. For beginners, auctions can be intimidating without proper research. This guide aims to demystify art auctions.


What is An Art Auction? An auction house sells items to the highest bidder, including real estate and art. Art auctions can feature luxury art, masterworks, and contemporary pieces. Notable auction houses include Christie’s, Phillips, and Sotheby’s.


How Do Art Auctions Work?

  • Preview and Registration: Preview the art for sale and register to bid by providing personal details and sometimes a photo ID.

  • Bidding Process: Receive a number card for identification. The auction begins with the host describing each item. Bidders raise paddles to bid, starting from the minimum price.

  • Winning the Bid: The auction ends when the highest bid is placed, marked by the auctioneer’s hammer. The winner pays the bid amount plus additional costs and takes the item home.


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