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Painting overlooked stories from Kenya | Artist Michael Armitage | Louisiana Channel

Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2021

Camera: Jakob Solbakken

“Part of what I’ve always loved from the process of making is engaging in the imagination” Michael Armitage remembers from childhood how “the life of an artist” meant a life where “the imagination is important and where the consistency of the story isn’t what matters, but the journey of the story is perhaps what is more interesting”. Michael Armitage intertwines his own memories with both Western and East African culture in his paintings, such as the rally in Nairobi during the 2017 election, which Armitage witnessed in person. These experiences later made their way into multiple paintings, such as ‘The Promised Land’ from 2019. A painting where Armitage also connects and reflects on the seductive ideology of the female nude in the history of painting, with the “very familiar seductive ideologies” being used at such rallies with the aim to make people more fervent and emotionally engaged.

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