Mohammad Bozorgi

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Visual Artist | 2002

Mohammad Bozorgi approaches calligraphy with an architectural eye that is evident in the mathematical structure and symmetry of letters, especially those comprising his Crying for Honour series. Bozorgi’s masterful command of the centuries-old tradition is the result of intensive studies in classical calligraphic forms such as Divani, Kufic, Nastaliq, Naskh, Sols, Mohaggegh, and Broken Nastaliq in order to develop distinctly stylized characters based on Arabic and Persian examples. After training with the Society of Iranian Calligraphers for over a decade, Bozorgi left to pursue more innovative calligraphic forms. Drawing from his background in engineering, he makes qualitative calculations when constructing his works, using the directives of geometry to create abstract illusions of movement and space. Building on the breakthroughs of his predecessors, such as those who led the Saqqakhaneh school of Iranian painters in the 1960s, Bozorgi is recognized as a leading figure among the ‘New Generation’ of contemporary calligraphers.


2009 | Elite Diploma, Society of Iranian Calligraphers, Tehran, Iran 

2009 | MBA from the Industrial Management

Awards and Collections:

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
The Samawi Collection, Dubai, UAE 

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 | Dance in the Dark: Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
2016 | Against The Darkness 2: Ayyam Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2016 | Against The Darkness: Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2015 | Transcendental Strokes: Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
2014 | Symphonic Meditations: Ayyam Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 
2012 | Identical Manifestation: Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:

2018 | Persian Contemporary Art: Mitsokushi Center, Tokyo, Japan

2017 | Sanctuary: for-Site Foundation, San Francisco, USA
2016 |Sharjah Calligraphy Biennale: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

2015 | Write Me a Poem: Mottahedan Projects, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

2014 | Alternative calligraphy 3:  Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2014 | Ey Iran: Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 | Voyage: Nicolas Flamel Gallery, Paris, France
2013 | The Fest of Art: Iranian Painter's Forum, Tehran, Iran
2012 | Word Unveiled: Endjavi-Barbé Art Projects, Geneva, SwitzerlanD

2012 | The Next Generation of Contemporary Iranian Calligraphy: Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, Switzerland

2012 | Calligraphy: Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011 | Alternative Calligraphy:  Homa Art Gallery Tehran, Iran


ART Fairs

2019 | London Art fair (Affordable)
2019 | Ankara Art fair
2012 | Vienna Art fair
2017 | Abu Dhabi Art fair


Auction House Records:

Opera Gallery, Dubai, 2012 
Ayyam Gallery, Young Collectors Auction, Dubai, 2013

Magic of Persia, London, 2013 
Ayyam Gallery, Young Collectors Auction, Jeddah, 2013

Ayyam Gallery, Young Collectors Auction, Dubai, 2014

Charity Auction of Magic of Persia (Sotheby’s), New York, 2014

Ayyam Gallery, Young Collectors Auction, Dubai, 2015 Magic of Persia, Dubai, 2015 

Tehran Auction, Tehran, 2016 

Magic of Persia, Dubai, 2016  

Magic of Persia, Los Angles, 2016

Tehran Auction, Tehran, 2017 Christies, Dubai, 2017 
Tehran Auction, Tehran, 2018

Magic of Persia, Monaco, 2018

Magic of Persia, Los Angles, 2018

Magic of Persia, Los Angles, 2020

Tehran Auction, Tehran, 2020

Bonham’s, London, 2020 

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