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Hanny Al Khoury

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Hanny Al Khoury, born in 1990 in the Holy Land, stands out as a significant figure in the contemporary art world. Raised in a complex socio-political environment as part of the Arab Palestinian minority in occupied Palestine, Al Khoury's upbringing was deeply influenced by critical debates on socio-political, literary, and intellectual issues. His unique perspective as a Christian Palestinian, a minority within a minority, further enriched his worldview, especially through his active participation in religious activities.

Al Khoury's artistic journey began with formal training in high school, where he was mentored by teacher Ola Al-Henawi. This foundational education in materials, techniques, colors, and basic artistic styles laid the groundwork for his future exploration in art.

Art, for Al Khoury, is more than a medium of expression; it's a portal to uncharted territories, a space where he connects with his Palestinian roots while delving into universal human values and emotions. His work is a reflection of his quest for identity amidst the complexities of a multifaceted cultural and religious backdrop.

Today, Hanny Khoury, based in the Edmonton, Alberta area, is not only recognized for his artistic prowess but also as a Guinness world record holder. His artworks, primarily canvas pieces, are poignant critiques of systemic structures and programmed ideologies. They challenge viewers' perspectives on critical issues like belief, war, gender, and necessity.

Khoury's notable exhibition "La La Lands," organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta and curated by Lindsey Sharman, is presented in the RBC New Works Gallery. This exhibition is a testament to the Art Gallery of Alberta's commitment, supported by the RBC Foundation, to foster and showcase emerging artists in Alberta. Through his art, Khoury continues to interrogate and redefine the contours of identity, belief, and societal norms.

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