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Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1934, Live in the United States of America.

Nasser Ovissi studied Law and Political Sciences at the University of Tehran before studying fine art at Beaux Fine Art in Rome. Ovissi’s work is characterized by stylized figures of Persian women and horses, set amidst geometric patterns and decorative elements; his figures seem to merge into and out of space.


The artist has received numerous awards and honors, including exhibiting at the 1959 Paris Biennial and a Grand Prize at the 1962 Biennale of Fine Arts of Tehran.

Works by Ovissi have so far been displayed in over 60 exhibitions in his homeland and other countries. And in 1977, Ovissi and celebrated Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali held a joint exhibition in Madrid.
Ovissi’s works are on display at museums in Iran and Italy, France, England, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, India, Sweden, Canada, Spain, and the United States.  

His works are included in the collections of the Contemporary Art Museum in Madrid and the National Art Gallery of Greece in Athens. They have been sold in the following international auction houses:

He is also the author of over 15 books written in Persian, English, Italian, and Spanish. 

Ovissi has been listed in the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, an extensive French publication of bibliographical information on painters, sculptors, designers, and engravers created primarily for art museums, auction houses, historians, and dealers.

Eran Gallery is working as an agent to Nasser Ovissi Gallery and represents his available artworks in our gallery. 

Nasser Ovissi and the Ovissi Estate in cooperation with Eran Gallery prepared a certification process for all the owners of Nasser Ovissi’s artwork who bought the artworks directly from the artist in the past to have a valid certificate of authentication.


Artwork Registration Program:

It would be honoured for Nasser Ovissi, after 60 years of professional work, to announce a program to build an inventory of all his artworks created. On behalf of Nasser Ovissi, ERAN Gallery is responsible for performing this inventory of his artwork.

Program Goal:
The final inventory might be shown publicly after performing some assessment and review. 

Program Duration:
The duration of this program would be one year, starting this April 2022. 

Program Fee: 
This program is free.

Who is eligible to process a submission?
Whoever owns one or several pieces by Naser Ovissi can apply for this program.

Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy:

Please read the Eran Gallery privacy policy. Once you submit the artwork(s) to this program, it means you accepted it. 

Nasser Ovissi's Available Artworks in Iran

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