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Mitra Kavian

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Visual Artist - 1963

Mitra Kavian is a painter based in Canada whose works have been exhibited globally since her first exhibition in 1995. Her art can be divided into three categories: traditional motifs, realistic paintings, and imaginative representations. Kavian was born in 1963 and was influenced by the cultural and political changes of the 1980s. Her works have been displayed in various countries, including Iran, China, the United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Her paintings are categorized into three groups: canvases showcasing traditional motifs, realistic paintings created with a different approach, and imaginative paintings that present a free world while still being committed to representation.


1995 | BFA in Painting, Azad University of Art, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 | The Shine of Flowers, Sareban Gallery, Tehran

2014 | Dastan's Basement Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 | Mah-e-Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 | Basement Gallery, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

2003 | Golestan Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2003 | Ritta Gallery, Milan, Italy

1999 | Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1998 | Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Auction Houses History:


Group Exhibitions:

2021 | Discover Iranian Artists Taste, Eran Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2018 | The Hidden Aspect of Being", Bayaan Gallery, Isfahan

2011 | Galleria D’art-Centro Temiran, Caserta, Province of Caserta, Italy

2011 | Art Fair, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

2008 | Whispered Secrets, Mall Gallery, London, UK

2007 | Dena Exhibition, Qanat Al Qasba Cultural Centre, Sharjah - UAE

2007 | Wishes and Dreams, Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC, USA

2007 | RENEGADE, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY, USA

2006 | Asia and Pacific Museum, Warsaw, Poland

2006 | Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

2005 | Spazio 56 Gallery, Caserta, Italy

2005 | Ludwig Museum, Dena Exhibition, Koblenz, Germany

2004 | Palm Exhibition, Nepals, Italy

2003 | Stox Cultural Centre, Helsinki, Finland

2003 | City Hall Oslo, Norway

2003 | Haagse Kunskring Gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands

2003 | Blanche Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2002 | Art Sud Expo, Palais Des Congress Paris, France

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