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Mehdi Oveisi

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Mehdi Oveisi's paintings are, as he conceives them, visualizations of philosophical and spiritual questions. Working within a range of media, Oveisi's works come off as a graduated accretion of materials, which collectively come together to shape a heart, an embodied figure, or something more formalist and abstract. What's essential is that the overall impression of work is constructed from many layers.

Almost in the manner of developmental stages, this layering process becomes a kind of commentary on a work's completed design. One can look at each gestural aspect of Oveisi's works, every determination of color and shadow, as a sort of signature that speaks to the integrity of the whole.

Oveisi's Angel no. He'll demonstrate his painterly range. The outlines of figures and angels in the picture concretize the spiritual exploration of an emotional world. Coloration is key to this journey. The contrast of yellow-gold against a sky blue backdrop lends the painting an almost stylized quality. The angels depicted here are not intended to have the visionary reality of a theophany, but to be abstractions literary symbols, even mulled over in the subconscious depths of the artist's mind.  



1992 | Group Exhibition 'Kunst im Rohbau' in Annerod near Frankfurt

1998 | Group Exhibition of State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart by Hypobank Stuttgart

2002 | Group Exhibition of State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart by Hypobank Stuttgart

2017-2018 | Group Exhibition 'Abstrakte Kunst und Malerei' in Actzig Gallery Berlin

2018 |  till present represented by Agora Gallery Contemporary Fine Art - Chelsea, New York City

2019 | Group Exhibition by Agora Gallery at Artexpo New York

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