Rasam Arabzadeh 

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Painting and Carpet Design Artist |1914-1996

He is the father of Persian carpet weaving who strongly affected the 20th century Iranian Art field and accomplished to make Persian carpets popular all over the world as art objects.

Thanks to his engaging in many art activities, his design, and creation of the carpets have come from free and unique imagination beyond its tradition and original style. When his work came out to the public, it was not admitted by the strictly traditional Persian carpet association, but he successively contributed to creating highly artistic works, such as collage-like work or carpets with mosaic patterns

He is not only a fresh and new Persian carpet artist, but also developed the new and special weaving technology called Zanujilei. He showed his excellent ability as a Persian carpet researcher as well as a craftsman, using the new technology freely and creating carpets weaved partly with different weaving patterns. His work has been displayed in Rasam Arabzadeh museum in Tehran


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