Fariba Rahnavard

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Visual Artist

Fariba Rahnavard, born in 1984, is a modern and contemporary Iranian painter. She started painting professionally at the age of 18. After a few years, she entered the Faculty of Art and Architecture of the University of Central Tehran. During these years, due to her intense interest in the tragedies of the modern world, she turned to abstract expressionism, which has often been associated with the subject of history, violence, and catastrophe in the modern world. Her works were later exhibited in international biennials and exhibitions, including the Florence Biennale and the Manhattan International Competition.


2009 | Master of Painting, Azad University Central Tehran Branch

2006 | Bachelor of Painting, Azad University Central Tehran Branch

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 | “Disaster Never Rests”, Gozaar Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

2018 | “Disaster Never Rests”, 4 Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:

2020 | On the occasion of the “500th Anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s Death” Zhinus Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 | House Facing South, Aknoon Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

2018 | Art will Tell, 7Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 | Ayrik Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 | Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran

2018 | Khate Sefid Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017 | Exhibition of Iranian and Afghan Art, National Museum of Tirana, Albany

2017 | Art Zone 42 Gallery, Athens, Greece

2017 | Linda Farrell Gallery, Paris, France

2016 | Sadrang Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016 | International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Artrooms, London, UK

2015 | Satura Gallery, Genoa, Italy

2015 | Panjereh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 | Le Dame Group Gallery, London, UK

Art Fairs and Festivals:

2017 | International Biennial ITS LIQUID Exhibition - ANIMA MUNDI Venice, Italy

2016 | The Art Festival of the Human Impact Institute, Creative Award, New York, USA

2015 | International Art & Police Biennale, Florence, Italy


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