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Nasser Ovissi Collection


Each application is only for one artwork. If you have several paintings, you should do the submission several times.


Step one

Prepare the artwork pictures with the following conditions:

  • A clear view of the work, One shot from the front

  • One close-up shot from the signature

  • The images quality should be 300 dpi, JPEG.

  • Scan all the certificates and purchasing documents (title accordingly)

Step Two,

Title the files with the following strain:

name - size (cm/Inch) - year of purchase - NN


First File: Untitled-20x30 in-2005-01

Step Three,

Submit your application.

You will receive an email confirming that we accept your submission initially. However, we will ensure that we communicate accordingly if the information or request is missing in two business days.

Where did you buy this piece?
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Thanks for this submission! We'll get back to you soon.

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