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Nina Rastgar

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Painting and sculpture Artist | 2008

Nina was born in 1988 in Rasht, Iran who has been devoted to the arts since she was 13 years old. Nina's artistic training started at an early age under the close tutelage of her father, a director, and a photographer. Long before a paintbrush ever touched her hand, drawing was Nina’s original medium. She continues to draw today, exploring techniques and concepts by pushing the boundaries between realism and dreamscapes. As an Iranian-girl Artist who grew up in Iran, she has always been struggling with the traditional cultural aspects based on religion and she seeks to break away from tradition and to rebel which tries to create her own code of behavior in her hometown in which women have little say in it. Increasingly by gaining experience, she realized she is not naturally belonging to the society she is living in there. Her interests lie in exploring social issues, especially women, feminism, and freedom. One other major theme that she's interested in is the representation of the world through the eyes of others. Her works inspired by daily life on the streets, the subway, and other locations are parts of her story. She showcases her thoughts by creating surface patterns and stories of the human body in her paintings. What she cares about is the emotions that she leaves on the paper. Be ready to feel it.


Bachelor of Art in Graphic - Fine Arts Faculty of Tehran University | Iran


2016, Group Exhibition, IDIL Gallery, Istanbul  | Turkey

2017, Group Exhibition, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver | Canada

2017, Group Exhibition, POSK Gallery, LONDON | UK

2017, Euro Expo Art, Forli | Italy

2017, Group Exhibition, Linda Farrell Gallery, Paris | France

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