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Anis Tabaraee

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Membership Associate member of the Iranian Painters Society

Collections, Selected:

Union Museum in Lasi, (RO)

Schio Municipali Collection, (IT)

Spazio – Tempo Arte Collection, (IT)

Grant. Scholarship. Award

2022 Selected in Art Symposium, Istanbul, (TR)

2020 Badge Design Contest, Stereotype, Selected Winners, (UK)

2017 Bio Art contest, Accepted to Winning Artwork, (JP)

2015 – 2016 SCAD Opportunity Scholarship, (US)

2015 – 2016 SCAD Student Incentive Scholarship, (US)

2015 – 2016 SCAD Merit Scholarship, (US)

2011 Third Visual Communication, Certificate, Alzahra University, (IR)

Solo Exhibition

2021 Winy, Horse riders in Persian Painting, Dena art gallery, (IR)


Select Group Exhibitions

2022 Group painting exhibition, Mura Art Gallery, (IR)

2022 The 6th Contemporary Artist`s Book and Ancient Embroideries, Asolo, (IT)

2022 Finalists selection of Cheltenham illustration awards, (UK)

2022 Group painting exhibition, Binesh Art Gallery, (IR)

2021 Group painting exhibition, Javid Art Gallery, (IR)

2021 Group painting online exhibition, Eran Art gallery, (CA)

2019 Exhibition Di Carta/ papermade at Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio, (IR)

2019 Second edition of the international singular Art Salon organized by the Cultural Association

ANARTE-SIAS, Union Museum in Lasi, (RO)

2019 “Dream time”, group online exhibition, (FR)

2019 “Homeless”, group online exhibition, (FR)

2019 Elected for the first edition exhibition "The Children-Spectator", dedicated to the aesthetic of

performing arts in early years, (IT)

2019 “Magna Mater”, group online exhibition, (FR)

2018 Cow Illustration Festival, (UKR)

2018 Matsuyama Flower Design contest, (JP)

2018 EDU, Human Rights, UNESCO, Aiapi association, (IT)

2018 “The Kingdom of the Rose”, group online exhibition, (FR)

2018 "Global warming & water wars" vision of future., group online exhibition, (FR)

2017 Invited to the Dokdo`s peace poster exhibition, (KR)

2017 Invited to the Third Illustration Life exhibition, Beijing, (CN)

2017 H2O, Human Rights, UNESCO, Aiapi association, (IT)


2015 The Romance Poem, ARASBARAN Gallery, Tehran, (IR)

2015 ASHOORA Festival of Visual Art, Art Institute, Tehran, (IR)

2014 My Graceful East, Virtual Illustration Exhibition, (IR)

2014 HOPE International Illustration, Idea Gallery, Tehran, (IR)

2014 The 6th International FADJR Festival of Visual Art, SABA Gallery, (IR)

2013 The Youth Festival of Virtual Art, SABA Gallery, Tehran, (IR)

2013 The Legend of The Nation, AFDESTA International Illustration Festival, (IR)

2012 Illustrations of AHOO Atelier, ARASBARAN Gallery, Tehran, (IR)

2012 Typography, NARGES Gallery, Tehran, (IR)

Available Artworks

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